The Story of Two “ unremarkable’’ Kids, but Remarkable in other Ways

Long time ago there was a family far away in the continent of Asia, where two parents, husband and wife had two children, one was a boy and other one a girl. Both children were blessed with beauty, and also bestowed with smart brains. This made people in the village talked saying that they were adopted from somewhere very far away from the village. However, the truth was these kids were gifts from God to these poor parents. They were uneducated, they lived by farming for food as well to raise money for the kids to have uniform and money for the train tickets.

Since in their village there was no school, they had to travel using a train or walk bear foot, the latter was dangerous one because the village situated behind humongous water fall and a very long river. The school was ten kilometres away from their village, so the train was the only mode of transportation for the entire village to get to the other side. Other kids don’t go to school because their parents cannot afford. Kujo and Kamala take the train everyday Monday to Friday in the morning as well in the afternoon. Kujo is the brother, and doesn’t like to sleep a lot unlike his sister Kamala who every day is dragged from the bed by her mother to prepare for school. But she loves school more than her brother, Kujo. Kujo doesn’t like boring subjects. His favourite is art. He has drawn a portrait of his parents and was hanging in the tiny little house where the always sit together at night to have dinner of potato soup, and thereafter the two stars will take their books and start writing their homework.

Today it was not a normal day, in the morning the train was very later, it arrived at 7 o’clock and they are supposed to be at school by half-past 7 for assembly. The train was late because the night before there was a thunderstorm with heavy rain, so the train was moving very slow. They ran until at school, then they arrived at school at quarter past 7, luckily, they were a minute before the gate was locked. The train station was just 10 minutes away from the school.

The school knocks off at 14h00. As they walk out with other kids from around the village. They are talked about the day at school with other who one by one are left them as they arrived at their homes. And now it’s only three left, the third last to left home was he home was close to the train station. Kujo and Kamala then waited for the train. Normally the train doesn’t take long before it arrives, but today took it took longer. Meanwhile waiting they started playing around, at that moment it was only the two of them at the station. Then a man out of nowhere appeared and seats on chair by the platform, and he started reading a book. While they were busy playing they were nonchalant about time and about the man sitting. They then rested and they opened their books and laid on their tummies the started writing homework, after some time a nose of a train appeared approaching from the far distance and they prepared to hoop in, unfortunately it wasn’t the one. After some time that strange man asked Kujo to see his homework and his refused, and the stranger told him not be afraid, and Kujo reluctantly handed the book.

As the man was reading, and he nodded his head and smiled, and he was impressed. Kujo smiled back and said" thank you, good man" when the man hand back the book. The man then proceeded to ask Kamala, and she handed in hers with enthusiasm. And as he reads, this time he didn’t smile nor nob, and she was left perplexed not understanding why he was not saying anything. Minutes later he said you two are going to be leaders of the world one day. He said “Your work speaks for itself and I wish both of you success in lives.”

Kujo said" but our parents are poor farmer. How can a son and a daughter of farmers become leaders of the world?". The man smiled and said" Kujo, son, you are rich, you parents are the ones who are poor put that in your head, do you understand me?" And Kujo nodded. By now it was getting darker and train was still nowhere to be seen. After hours it finally arrived and they got in off it goes. 20 minutes later it made its first stop and the good man got off, and before he got off he said to them that they must stay in school. And as the train move away they turned their heads and look through the windows as he disappeared into the darkness of the night. They were quiet until to their station. And they got off and they started running because it was too dark. Even though their village was not bad, no criminals but the kids were too scared because they are wild animals. They parents were waiting for them in front of the house. As they approach the parent breathed a sigh of relief.

kujo and Kamala started telling their parents what happened in the morning as well in the afternoon about the train delays. When they were asked to take out their books so that they can start writing homework. They then started narrative the story of the " good man" who helped with them homework.

To Continued…

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